Interview & discussion with Professor David Mark Wallace

What is reality? How does it exist? Is it objective and external to the conceptions of human cognition or is it merely mediated by our rational senses? Can we ever get at reality or are we limited by our mental apparatus? How does naturalistic materialism relate to our understanding of reality and in what sense can it be correct? Can we ever get at reality proper or is it simply constructed by the practices, methodologies, linguistic and conceptual mechanisms of the human mind?

David Mark Wallace is Professor at The University of Southern California specialising in philosophy of physics. He is the author of The Emergent Multiverse: Quantum Theory According To The Everett Interpretation published in 2012 by Oxford University Press. He has a PhD in philosophy and a PhD in physics both from the University of Oxford. As well as developing and defending the Everett interpretation of quantum theory (often called the “Many-Worlds Interpretation”) his research also encompasses philosophical and conceptual issues in quantum mechanics, quantum field theory, statistical mechanics, general relativity, symmetry and gauge theory.