Tony Sobrado is a social scientist and writer focusing on philosophy, science and current affairs. He is the author of the Mono Metaphysics Argument regarding Atheism and produces the Biggest Questions Podcast Series discussing reality, existence, truth, consciousness, Theism and Atheism with the world’s leading thinkers including John Searle, Simon Blackburn, Sean Carroll, Victor J. Stenger, Anthony Aguirre, Massimo Pigliucci and Roman Frigg. He contributes to The Huffington Post and was recently an editorial consultant on Professor Donald Hoffman’s forthcoming book The Case Against Reality – Why Evolution Hid The Truth From Our Eyes

He holds a BSc in Political Science and Philosophy from The London School of Economics and a MRes in Social and Political Theory. You can find him on twitter @TonySobrado and contact him at info@tonysobrado.org