Why I’m not a Christian Theist, The Faith I Left Behind, 2015

The essay Why I’m not a Christian Theist was published in the book, The Faith I Left Behind by The Center for Inquiry in association with The Council for Secular Humanism – America’s foremost humanist organisation.

The essay deals with the contradictory and illogical reasons for belief in a Christian God – that is an omnipotent, universe or multiverse creating being with a willing mind. The arguments stem from two analytical frameworks which are anthropomorphism and the metaphysical restraints of naturalism and time and space.

The essay includes the Mono Metaphysics Argument. This encompasses the metaphysical contradictions encompassing God as the creator of the observed Universe who is outside time and space yet still creates and interacts with time and space as a consequence of creating the Naturalistic Universe. The argument highlight how these two logical postulations by metaphysical definition are mutually exclusive and non-overlapping because Supernaturalism cannot overlap and interact with Naturalism and non time and non-space cannot overlap with time and space.

Why I’m not a Christian Theist

    Eradicating God as a causal hypothesis, The Open Society, Journal of the association of New Zealand Rationalists and Humanists

The essay addresses the different philosophical considerations regarding the issue of causality and God’s existence. It examines whether the traditional concepts of causality and temporal linearity combined with the concepts of time, space and symmetry can allow us to think of the beginning of the Universe as a temporal linear effect from beginning to end and how the concept of God is logically inconsistent within this framework. In terms of the explanation of the existence itself, the article will then progress to counterpoise supernaturalism against naturalism explaining how the latter produces a significantly plausible cannon of existence. The article will then culminate by explaining how both naturalism and materialism have substantially more explanatory power than theism and transcendentalism.

Eradicating God as a Causal Hypothesis

    Conspiracy theory as pseudo theory, The Skeptic Magazine, 2012

The essay looks at how the formulating and application of conspiracy theory is not the same as the formation and applicability of theory in both the social and natural sciences. The essay explains the paradox of conspiracy theories’ use of observable phenomena when employing conspiracy theory as a form of explanation because the pre-planned conspiracy theory is not directly observable. The essay also looks at the relevance between the explanan and the explanandum, illustrating how the use of conspiracy theory to explain social phenomenon does not correlate to empirical observations. The essay concludes by presenting conspiracy theory as more of dogmatic cannon than a verifiable social or scientific theory.

Conspiracy Theory as Pseudo Theory