YouTuber Fights (Boxing)

A few years ago, the thought of two YouTubers fighting in the ring would have been unprecedented.

However, the success of stars like KSI and Jake Paul in the boxing ring has been so pronounced that scores of other influencers and TikTok celebrities have followed this lead.

The only problem? There are so many fights nowadays that it can be easy to miss a few.

To save you from that horrible fate, we’ve compiled a list of all the best YouTuber fights scheduled for the rest of the year.

None of them will make you forget Muhammad Ali — but they may just make you feel a bit better about your own fighting ability.

Best YouTuber Fights in 2023

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Below, you’ll find all the fights scheduled for this year. More will undoubtedly be added soon, but for now, this is what’s on the slate.

Jake Paul vs. Tommy FuryJake Paul vs. Tommy Fury26 February 2023
Tempo Arts vs GodsonMF & DAZN: X Series 0054 March 2023
Ginty vs Halal HamMF & DAZN: X Series 0054 March 2023
Astrid Wett vs AJ BunkerMF & DAZN: X Series 0054 March 2023
Walid Sharks vs MNA ProductionsMF & DAZN: X Series 0054 March 2023
Deen The Great vs Pully ArifMF & DAZN: X Series 0054 March 2023
King Kenny vs Ashely TebiMF & DAZN: X Series 0054 March 2023
Jay Swingler vs. Nicholai PerrettMF & DAZN: X Series 0054 March 2023
Mika vs. Alanah PearceCreator Clash 215 April 2023
Leonhart vs. CrankGamePlaysCreator Clash 215 April 2023
Froggy Fresh vs. Chris RaygunCreator Clash 215 April 2023
Jack Manifold vs. Dakota OlaveCreator Clash 215 April 2023
Myth vs. HundarCreator Clash 215 April 2023
Arin Hanson vs. Jarvis JohnsonCreator Clash 215 April 2023
Jaelaray vs. Abelina SabrinaCreator Clash 215 April 2023
Dad vs. StarkillaCreator Clash 215 April 2023
I did a thing vs. FitzCreator Clash 215 April 2023
Hayley Sharpe vs. Marisha RayCreator Clash 215 April 2023
John Morrison vs. Harley MorensteinCreator Clash 215 April 2023
Alex Wassabi vs. iDubbbzCreator Clash 215 April 2023

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Previous YouTuber Fights

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Until you see all the fights written down, it can be easy to forget just how many influencer battles have already happened.

The fights below are all from 2022; some of these were instant classics, others were…well, others were about what you’d expect from YouTube sensations fighting.

Salt Papi vs. Halal HamDeji vs. Alex Wassabi5 March 2022Salt Papi
Stromedy vs. Austin SprinzDeji vs. Alex Wassabi5 March 2022Stromedy
Jay Cucciniello vs. Anthony TaylorDeji vs. Alex Wassabi5 March 2022Jay Cucciniello
Ryan Taylor vs. DK MoneyDeji vs. Alex Wassabi5 March 2022DK Money
Armz Korleone vs. MinikonDeji vs. Alex Wassabi5 March 2022Armz Korleone
Kristen Hanby vs. VitalyDeji vs. Alex Wassabi5 March 2022Draw
King Kenny vs. FaZe TemperrrDeji vs. Alex Wassabi5 March 2022FaZe Temperrr
Deji vs. Alex WassabiDeji vs. Alex Wassabi5 March 2022Alex Wassabi
Matt Watson vs. DadCreator Clash14 May 2022Dad
Ryan Magee vs. Alex ErnstCreator Clash14 May 2022Alex Ernst
DJ Welch vs. Erik HoffstadCreator Clash14 May 2022DJ Welch
I Did a Thing vs. TheOdd1sOutCreator Clash14 May 2022I Did a Thing
Yodeling Haley vs. JustaMinxCreator Clash14 May 2022JustaMinx
Hundar vs. StarkillaCreator Clash14 May 2022Hundar
Michael Reeves vs. Graham StephanCreator Clash14 May 2022Michael Reeves
Harley Morenstein vs. Arin HansonCreator Clash14 May 2022Harley Morenstein
iDubbbz vs Doctor MikeCreator Clash14 May 2022Doctor Mike
Tempo Arts vs. SmitheyEd Matthews vs. Simple Simon16 July 2022Tempo Arts
Paddy Murphy vs. Dave the Other GuyEd Matthews vs. Simple Simon16 July 2022Dave the Other Guy
Pully Arif vs. Tommy FlexEd Matthews vs. Simple Simon16 July 2022Pully Arif
Luke Bennett vs. Dean LmEd Matthews vs. Simple Simon16 July 2022Dean Lm
Ginty vs. KayRhysEd Matthews vs. Simple Simon16 July 2022Ginty
Chef Dave vs. Aaron HuntEd Matthews vs. Simple Simon16 July 2022Aaron Hunt
Elle Brooke vs. AJ BunkeEd Matthews vs. Simple Simon16 July 2022Elle Brooke
Ed Matthews vs. Simple SimonEd Matthews vs. Simple Simon16 July 2022Ed Matthews
Ryan Taylor vs. Anthony TaylorWicked N’ Bad31 July 2022Draw
Money Kicks vs. Traycho GeorgievOleksandr Usyk vs Anthony Joshua II20 August 2022Traycho Georgiev
KSI vs. SwarmzKSI vs Swarmz & Luis Alcaraz Pineda27 August 2022KSI
Deen the Great vs. Evil HeroKSI vs Swarmz & Luis Alcaraz Pineda27 August 2022Deen the Great
Sam Hyde vs. IAmThmpsnKSI vs Swarmz & Luis Alcaraz Pineda27 August 2022Sam Hyde
Salt Papi vs. Andy WarskiKSI vs Swarmz & Luis Alcaraz Pineda27 August 2022Salt Papi
King Kenny vs. FaZe SenseiKSI vs Swarmz & Luis Alcaraz Pineda27 August 2022King Kenny
Deji vs. FouseyKSI vs Swarmz & Luis Alcaraz Pineda27 August 2022Deji
FaZe Temperrr vs. Slim AlbaherKSI vs Swarmz & Luis Alcaraz Pineda27 August 2022Slim Albaher
KSI vs. Luis Alcaraz PinedaKSI vs Swarmz & Luis Alcaraz Pineda27 August 2022KSI
Landon McBroom vs. Adam SalehAustin McBroom vs. AnEsonGib10 September 2022Draw
Austin McBroom vs. AnEsonGibAustin McBroom vs. AnEsonGib10 September 2022AnEsonGib
Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Mikuru AsakuraFloyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Mikuru Asakura25 September 2022Floyd Mayweather Jr.
Halal Ham vs. DTGJay Swingler vs Cherdleys15 October 2022Halal Ham
Astrid Wett vs. Keeley ColbranJay Swingler vs Cherdleys15 October 2022Astrid Wett
JMX vs. GintyJay Swingler vs Cherdleys15 October 2022JMX
Slim Albaher vs. Ryan TaylorJay Swingler vs Cherdleys15 October 2022Slim Albaher
Jay Swingler vs. CherdleysJay Swingler vs Cherdleys15 October 2022Jay Swingler
Slim1Workout vs. StreetGorillaGuido Vianello vs. Jay McFarlane28 October 2022StreetGorilla
Chris Avila vs. Doctor MikeJake Paul vs. Anderson Silva29 October 2022Chris Avila
Jake Paul vs. Anderson SilvaJake Paul vs. Anderson Silva29 October 2022Jake Paul
Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. DejiFloyd Mayweather Jr. vs. DejiNovember 13 2022Floyd Mayweather Jr.
Minikon vs. Nick JosephHasim Rahman Jr. vs. Greg Hardy19 November 2022Minikon
Ice Poseidon vs. Brandon BuckinghamHasim Rahman Jr. vs. Greg Hardy19 November 2022Brandon Buckingham
FaZe Temperrr vs. OvertflowHasim Rahman Jr. vs. Greg Hardy19 November 2022FaZe Temperrr
King Kenny vs. DK MoneyHasim Rahman Jr. vs. Greg Hardy19 November 2022King Kenny
Greg Hardy vs Hasim Rahman JrHasim Rahman Jr. vs. Greg Hardy19 November 2022Greg Hardy
Josh Brueckner vs. Chase DeMoorHasim Rahman Jr. vs. Greg Hardy19 November 2022Josh Brueckner
Deen the Great vs. Walid SharksHasim Rahman Jr. vs. Greg Hardy19 November 2022Deen the Great
Tras Kiran vs. AJ BunkerRage Combat Boxing26 November 2022AJ Bunker
2Saint vs. SpudMogul Chessboxing11 December 20222Saint
Fiction vs KJHMogul Chessboxing11 December 2022Fiction
Nathan Stanz vs BoxBoxMogul Chessboxing11 December 2022BoxBox
Abroad In Japan vs OvertflowMogul Chessboxing11 December 2022Abroad In Japan
HugS vs TophMogul Chessboxing11 December 2022HugS
Lawrence Trent vs Aman HambletonMogul Chessboxing11 December 2022Aman Hambleton
Andrea Botez vs Dina BelenkayaMogul Chessboxing11 December 2022Dina Belenkaya
Myth vs CherdleysMogul Chessboxing11 December 2022Myth
Disguised Toast vs PointCrowMogul Chessboxing11 December 2022Disguised Toast
Ludwig Ahgren vs CDawgVAMogul Chessboxing11 December 2022CDawgVA

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YouTuber Fights Are Here to Stay

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, it doesn’t look like the trend of TikTokers and YouTubers hitting the ring is going to die off anytime soon. 

In fact, we might even see others make the same leap that Jake Paul has made, and someday soon, there might even be a social media influencer with a legitimate belt around their waist.

Is that good for boxing? We can’t tell you — but it definitely sounds great for entertainment.

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